Chesta is a fully vertical production facility specializing in the manufacture of art-driven textiles and other various substrates. Chesta’s production facility is located in Shanghai, China and is the largest sublimation factory in Asia.

The advantage of this fully vertical production facility is increased quality, as Chesta can cut it, sew it, print it, package it and ship it. Chesta’s vertical production process reduces dependency on outside factors, which is important to hit client delivery dates. Since its founding, Chesta has never been the cause of a late shipment.

Unlike other Asian manufacturers, Chesta has a comprehensive U.S. presence to cover all of your needs. Senior Management, Sales, Graphic Services and full account management all can take place here in the US. If our customers preferred country of operation is Asia, Chesta’s factory and account management staff in Shanghai will gladly accommodate.

Chesta’s domestic office operates in your time zone and in your language. Most importantly, Chesta understands the expectations of the western consumer and can maintain an internal standard of quality that separates us from other Asian manufacturers.

Chesta gladly welcomes factory visits and customer quality control staff. We hold a strict visitor policy due to the nature of our customers’ proprietary and confidential products, therefore if another customer’s product is in production, full factory access will not be allowed.